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Why Choose North Texas Media Group?

Professional Quality

Our goal is to offer high quality video and audio production, photography & graphic design at an affordable price.

Quick Results

Our qualified staff prides themselves on managing workflow for a prompt delivery date with the highest quality meeting all industry standards.

Project Development

With a combined 30 years of experience our staff is equipped with the very latest in software and hardware thats available on the market,ready to take your next project to new heights.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

North Texas Media Group stands behind its work from start to finish,with the protection of your media being our number one concern.

What we do

NTMG is a 6000 square ft Audio/Video facility located in Duncanville Texas. We offer an array of audio and video expertise. Whether its an album recording or professional voice over, we can handle the job. We will give you industry standard audio/vocal sound, sound effects, Radio spots, Weddings, TV commercials, 3D virtual Sets, Vocal Mastering, Album Mastering, Music mastering, Mix Tapes. Beats all of genre, TV, Radio Jingles and much more….

Commercial Production

Our team will work to bring your vision to life selecting right location and production designed elements. We are fully equipped with a complete line of pro HD gear so the images are incredibly detailed and rich, and that makes editing rapid without sacrificing that high quality cinematic look.

Video Production

NTMG works closely with their clients, to create high-impact music videos, commercial videos, corporate videos, infomercials, weddings and albums with creative vision. Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer 6, Motion 5, After effects Cs6,Adobe Premiere Cs6

Custom Animations

From broadcast television to web browsers we got you covered,our experts use Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer 6, Motion 5, After effects Cs6. to help you strategize smarter, Now with new ever-evolving technology continues to change the playing field of the business and entertainment industry in ways that are rapid, dramatic and often unpredictable.

Custom Logos

We are a tool for managers, agents, publicist, radio promotion executives, retail buyers, promoters, Road managers and sales professionals on a daily basis.  Our team are certified Adobe Photoshop users.

Voice Overs & Music Beds & More

NTMG A,B,and C Room’s are equipped With Pro Tools 11 HD 192TDM system, 2 pcie cards, Pro Control mixing console with 2 fader packs, Genelec 1031a Monitors, Chameleon Labs tube microphone, AKG microphone, Joemeek Pro channel VC3, Behringer Vintager series, Focusrite Trakmaster Pro, Mini Grand, Motif 8, Triton, ASR 10,Moog,Prophet 5, with over 30 years in the music industry.


Our goal is to offer high quality video production, photography and graphic services to the Business and Consumer market places. Our unique model offers us the ability to provide one specific service or bundle our services to offer you a rich package at the best value. Our range of services offers ease and convenience as well as consistency and continuity for your business project or special event.

  • Video Production.
  • Custom Anitmations
  • Professional Photography
  • Weddings.
  • Special Events
Our experience gives our staff the hands on knowledge to help you accomplish your goals. Whether your goal is to implement an online video marketing campaign, or ensure that professionals are handling your special event, you can count on North Texas Media Group to deliver.

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Production Hours

Projects Completed

Cups Of Red Bull

Frequent Flyer Miles

Mobile Ready Solutions

Is your institution engaging constituents and delivering a consistent online experience, no matter what device is being used? NTMG offers solutions to help you provide a seamless experience.

Android Specialists

NTMG leverages Android's open source software stack to produce full, production-quality consumer results for all Droid devices.

Optimized Custom Designs

Mobile activity is overtaking desktop activity. With NTMG Apps, you can be where everyone is headed and ensure the long-term success of your business and projects.

Professional Apple Developers

NTMG will develop, test and distribute your app to millions of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch mac desktop and iTunes users.

Join The Mobile Revolution

With social media functions, your app can become the seed of viral activity, helping your business grow quickly. With mobile loyalty programs and in-app support requests, we can help your business keep customers happy and coming back for more, time and time again.


Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.



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Our vision is to simplify the process for businesses or individuals to procure digital media services for their marketing and special event needs. Although the process of producing multi media solutions can be quite sophisticated, we strive to make our customer’s experience easy and fun. Call us or use the form below to drop us a line. We are always happy to discuss your production needs!


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